How to Glaze a Metal Sash

Published: 13th May 2009
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Most metal sashes are constructed so that the glass may be replaced with little difficulty. As there are many kinds of such sash, the steps to be taken may vary to some extent. The manufacturer usually provides a set of instructions for his particular brand, and it is best to follow these instructions, if they are available. In case no such information is at hand when the emergency arises, it might be well to mention two methods commonly used.

Tools You Will Need:

• Screw driver

• Putty knife

• Small, flat paint brush.

Materials You Will Need:

• Double strength glass or plate glass (single-strength glass is not recommended in metal sash)

• Putty made of whiting and white lead

• Enough paint of the same color as the sash for covering the topcoat of putty.

There are two methods of glazing metal sashes. In some cases you will have to do the glazing on the outside of the sash, while others provide for glazing on the inside. If glazing on the inside, be sure to cover any nearby bathroom fixtures, bathroom vanities, or hot tubs that could be permanently damaged by spills and drips.

In the first method, the old putty and broken glass should be removed as in wooden sash and the metal sash scraped clean where the new glass is to rest. There may also be wire spring clips that you have to remove before the old glass will come out.

Then the new glass must be embedded in putty, in order not to come directly in contact with the metal. Spread the putty over the metal where the glass is to rest and push the glass firmly into place so that the putty fills every crevice. Now fasten the glass in tightly by means of the wire spring clips provided for that purpose.

As a rule, these clips are held in place by holes bored through the sash. When the glass is thus secured, apply the face putty in the same manner as prescribed for wooden sash. When the putty has thoroughly hardened, it should be painted the same color as the sash frame.

If you prefer to use an alternative method of glazing metal sashes, the first thing you must do is remove the broken glass. To so this you unscrew the metal beading or glazing strips and take them off. Since the remnants of the putty will still be there, you have to scrape off as much of this putty as you possibly can. Then you reapply putty as it is described in the first method. Be careful with broken glass, particularly in bathrooms and areas where people tend to have bare feet, such as near the bathtub, hot tub, or steam shower.

When you replace the glass you must refasten the metal beading or glazing strips very tightly against the glass. It is important that you get these strips tight but you also have to be careful that you don't break the glass in the process. There are brass screws to hold the strips in place and these form a neat frame around the edges of the glass. Finish off the project by scraping off any putty which may be visible on the glass or the window to make the job look as if it was done by a professional.

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